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Welcome to Majestic Chef Bakery, A community supported bakery supporting social change one baked item at a time.


Social entrepreneurs drive social innovation and transformation in many fields including, yet are not limited to, education, health, the environment and enterprise development. Most have been shown to pursue poverty alleviation goals with entrepreneurial fervor, business methods and the courage to innovate, expand, and in many cases overcome traditional practices. A social entrepreneur, similar to a business entrepreneur, builds strong and sustainable organizations, which are either set up as not-for-profits or companies. Yet their efforts are for the greater good for all humanity, and not just a select few.

The Majestic Chef:


Adam Majewski:

Hello I’m baker Adam, raised here in Minneapolis, MN. Specifically the Kingfield neighborhood, was born in to anĀ arts and agricultural family. My Family seeing my fondness for cook books, started me baking at the age of 9 with my God mother, making cookies, pies, brownies, and scones. By the age of sixteen I had moved in to chocolate, mastering large amount considering the vast scope of chocolate arts by the age of 16 and started a small truffle business to give myself something to do while keeping me out of trouble when not in school, and while sports where not in session. Over time Adam developed his culinary skills in a, somewhat unconventional way by culinary standards, not staying in one place to long and training myself more at home in order to work with what interests me most.

After high school I took a break to do some traveling and figure out what to specifically do with my career, then entered cooking school at MCTC, the local community college culinary arts program. After finishing my college time at MCTC, I spent my first summer back in Napa Valley, California seeing where I fit in best as a cook newly out of cooking school, which to be honost didn’t really work out all to well. After returning back to MN, I went to clear my head accepting a job, for about 3 years as a Utility cook to build my speed in the savory kitchen, which surprisingly enough, helped me develop my moral compass as a chef and future culinary professional. After this I tried a few times to open my own place as a Baker and Chocolatier with little to no success, but after taking a break to clear my head from the stresses of food service I’m back with a hunger for change in food service that can’t be stop by anything or anyone. The Majestic Chef being the part of my own efforts, experience as well hunger for change.


Thank You and Enjoy.



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